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Driving license is a certificate to grant you vehicles on the road.

On the Indian roads it must to have a two wheelers or 4 wheelers driver’s license to drive your bike or car on the road. To do this one need to go for a training to obtain driving license.

Driving license is mainly issued by the individual states through the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in India. To obtain a Driving license to drive motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc or less, the minimum age is 16. One must be 18 years or older to drive any other type of vehicle

Why it is important to have driving license?

As a kid we grow into adults in go to the world outside our home, to go outside and people know us we have several things which gives us confidence like.

            @ Driving licence gives us identity who we are, many countries consider this Driving license as a medium if identity.

            @ Driving license gives us validity to drive vehicles from two wheelers to 4 wheelers, to any type of vehicle we want to drive. Even for driving airplanes we need to have Driving license.

What is the rule to Obtain a Driving License

To obtain a Permanent License you first need to obtain a Learner’s License. The eligibility for obtaining a Learner's License for a private motor vehicle for a vehicle of 50 CC engine capacities and without any gear is 16 years (if the applicant's parents or guardians give their consent). The minimum age to apply for a permanent license to drive a private motor vehicle is 18 years.

Basically there are three types of licence issued

  • Motorcycle licence – for operating motorbikes, scooters and mopeds
  • Light motor vehicle licence – for operating cars, sedans, auto rickshaws, taxis and sport utility vehicles
  • Heavy motor vehicle licence – for operating trucks, lorries, buses, tourist coaches and cranes

Foreign Driving Holding:- Many people who come from outside India can, if thery are staying for ashort duration they can firtst request for international driving permit(IDP) from there country. This IDP holder can further request for a permanent licence at RTO/RTA after passing a written exam.


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