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In Gurgaon, there was a gang rape in a moving car with a woman. This rape lasted for a full 8 hours. According to the statement of the victim, on Monday evening, three men took from Sohna forcibly. Then raped her in moving car for hours in the moving car. After gang rape, the accused threw the girl near the yatharth hospital in Kasana which falls in the Greater Noida area.

The three accused were from Maruti Swift. A woman in the morning informed the police when she found the victim on the road. After which the police reached the spot and sent the victim to the hospital for medical tests. The matter has been reported and the accused are being searched. The victim is a resident of Bharatpur in Rajasthan. She was married 8 years ago in Sohna. But she was not living with her husband and lived alone in a village in Sohna. The victim also has three children who live with her husband.

On the one hand there is celebration for increase of number of girls in Haryana. It is being claimed in Haryana that the thinking of the people have changed about girls. But recent reports of rape have proved that Haryana is improving just in numbers. But the girls are not safe at all. Recently much gruesome rape has been executed in Gurgaon. In many cases, the accused had crossed all the limits of humanism.

Rape incident in Gurgaon over the last few days

The gang took place on May 29 when the victim's husband had a fight with the neighbors. After which she came out of the fear of neighbors to go to a mother’s house with her 9-month old baby girl. To go to her mother’s house, the woman first boarded a truck. After which the truck driver started molesting her. To escape, she got off the truck and started waiting for a cab to go further. In a while, an auto rickshaw stopped near her. The woman set in auto. Two persons already in the auto and the driver gang raped her. After which the 9-month-old baby girl started crying. So the accused threw the small child out after suffocating her out on the road.

They raped the women for four hours; the accused left her on the road. In that worst situation, the victim arrived at that place on the same way. Where they had threw his child. She got the girl but she died. The victim reached AIIMS through a metro, taking the girl in her lap. In this situation, perhaps his child could be saved. The doctors here declared the child as dead. After which she returned to Gurgaon with the three-month-old girl's body.


# Last month, a woman from the North East was raped. In Gurgaon's Sector-17, she lived in a PG, and was from Sikkim. On the night of May 12, she went to visit Connaught Place with one of his friends. On late night, ahe came back to her PG with his friend, his friend left her a little away from PG. As soon as the car moved away, another car came to her and stopped. The boys sitting in the car pulled her into the  car and then repeatedly rapped her one by one, In this case also a rape case has been registered.

#On June 9, another case of rap was registered in Gurgaon. In which the accused had raped both mother and daughter. The victim lives in the Vishnu Garden area with her 15-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. The victim met accused in the Rajendra Park Market. After which there was friendship with both of them. The accused came to his house one day and raped her. Video of rape was also made. They further raped the woman and her daughter showing the video. Later, a case was registered on the victim's compliance and the accused was caught.

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