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Brief Outline: A Photo shopped posted Image of a hearse van is viral on the social media claiming to be from Jan Jagran Yatra and a text in front of the van as शव वाहिनी

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

ये नहीं सुधरेंगे हर हाल में मनोरंजन कराएंगे

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Facts Check Analysis: This is not a real image being shared on the social media. A simple search can lead you to a page. A news was published on news18 , titled as CWC से बाहर होने की ये वजह बतायी, लेकिन पोस्टर से क्यों बाहर हुए दिग्विजय

If you see closely the picture uploaded by news18, you can easily spot the difference. The images are from same place with little different timings. The stole with the party symbol hanging from the side mirror of the truck is similar in both the images.

The Jan Jagran Yatra is part of the Pol Khol Abhiyan as the state assembly elections are scheduled for November this year.

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