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Brief Outline: Multiple image wwere  posted on social media by Congress President of Mansarovar yatra, a beautiful lake view, however many followers tweeted back raising doubt over authenticity or the originality.

Facts Check: True

What is Viral? 

The stunning beauty of lake Rakshas Tal.

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Facts Check Analysis: Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who is in a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar, on Wednesday waxed eloquent about the tranquility and calmness of the Mansarovar lake and the stunning beauty of the Rakshas Tal.

The image of Rakshas Tal tweeted by Gandhi on September 5, 2018, caught the attraction of many people on the social media, including the BJP’s IT cell members.


A simple image search on google will give us this image result, however most of the users are not taking time to click on the link and find where it takes them. Upon clicking on the image, we are directed to Just dial Social which has the same image linked to Gandhi’s September 5th tweet.

Upon searching the image on previous date there was no results, this suggest that this image was indeed uploaded by Gandhi him selves

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