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Brief Outline: A picture of Jawaharlal Nehru attending the RSS shakha is going viral over the social media, Got this picture after lots of effort, say now that his is a Hindu terrorism or secularism. This is Nehru ji standing at an RSS shakha.

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Origin: Viral on Web

Viral Example: The message written on the viral message is as follow,

Got this picture after lots of effort, say now that his is a Hindu terrorism or secularism. This is Nehru ji standing at an RSS shakha.

A picrue

Indian National Congress जिस आरएसएस से घृणा करते हो उसी के शाखा में आपके Playboy Nehru भी कभी थे
पर आशिक़ मिजाज़ मनचले भवरें नेहरू यहां टिक ना सके...यहां के नियम रसिक मिजाज़ चचा को बहुत कठोर प्रतीत हुए...🙄🙄😏😨

If the Indian National Congress hates the RSS, there was also your Playboy Nehru in his branch.
But the lover of the lover could not be able to tick this... Here's the rules of humor, the feeling of humor...

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Detailed Analysis:  The viral picture of Pandit Nehru wearing RSS attire is going viral. As can be seen in the picture how a men standing and wearing the short pants and a cap, similar to that wore by any RSS saskha attending person. The news has been shared across many places in the social media as well.

So what is the truth did Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru attend RSS shakha any time in his life?

This is Jawaharlal Nehru in the picture, however this is not a RSS shakha and neither is Pandit Nehru attending any such shakha. The uniform of RSS was introduced in 1925 and has a black cap and not a white cap.This photograph is of the year 1939 and it was taken in Naini, Uttar Pradesh. Pandit Nehru can be seen wearing a white cap. As per the report by the channel, Nehru was attending a session of the Seva Dal and not the RSS.

The Seva Dal is the grassroots front organization of the Indian National Congress. The organization has a chapter in all the states of the Indian Union. The members of the organization are known for wearing the Gandhi topi. It is headed by a Chief Organizer, the present Chief Organizer is Lalji Desai. The All India Congress Seva Dal in-charge is Shri Jagdish Tytler, Congress Seva Dal. The Seva Dal has been the Congress's grassroots organisation since the 1930s, but the party's failure to promote the Dal is costing it dearly in its battle against the BJP and RSS.

See the video to understand more on this

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'The year 1959. The Congress's Nasik Convention. Then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru is stopped at the gate by security personnel, Kamlakar Sharma. Nehru asks him, "Don't you know me?" He replies with humility, "You are the prime minister of the country. But you are not wearing the correct badge.


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