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Brief Outline: A Video shared on social media claiming to be of Indian Air Force Dipawali celebration, of C-130 airplane dropping decoy flares is least 15 years old and not from India even. 

Facts Check: Fake

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भारतीय वायु सेना ने कुछ इस अंदाज़ में मनाई दिवाली😎

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Facts Check Analysis: As the information shared on the social media of Dipawali celebration is not true and not from India either.

The Video is around 15 years old from one of US Air Force videos. A video posted on youtube titled as “C-130 Angel Wing Flare Pattern”. The video was posted o May 29, 2009, mentioned as . Video courtesy US Air Force Special Operations. A Lockheed C-130 Dropping Flares in the well known "angel" pattern from the SUU-42A/A Ejector Pods. Watch the original video below   

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