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Brief Outline: Fake news stating Cadbury India is giving FREE chocolate, basket gift Hamper to celebrate their 70th Anniversary

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

***WOW 😍Cadbury India is giving FREE chocolate 🍫 🍫basket gift Hamper to celebrate their 70th Anniversary,Click here to Get yours:* 👉 http://bit.ly/2KMRvYx**

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Facts Check Analysis: No Cadbury India is not giving free chocolate and nether it is the 70th anniversary of the Cadbury chocolates.

Cadbury was founded in the year 2824, so this year it is 194th anniversary and not the 70th anniversary.

As per the official website of Cadbury Website, we did not find any such information.

Also the link given in the whatsapp viral news is fake, watch the http://www.cadburyind|a.com, It’s fake. The 2nd “i” in India of the URL is a special character.

If you follow this link you will land yourself into a page where they would ask you to enter your personal details and ask you to share this link to three other persons. Latter you would be asked to install an app, after which you will be able to get the free basket.

Advice: Always double check from the company’s official website if you get any such promotional message and never click the link given in the viral message as this might lead to installation of virus or leaking of your personal information.

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