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New Delhi: As per the Pakistan media report, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's media team has knowingly concealed the important matters related to the Kashmir issue, by issuing imaginary handout after his meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry, a Pakistani media report said on Thursday.

There is reportedly a lot of difference between the issued statements by the US and Pakistan, sides after the meeting.

The press release issued by the Pakistan’s PM’s, media team tried to give an impression that only the Kashmir issue was discussed in the meeting, which turned out to be not true, as per reported by dailytimes.com.pk.

However, the US State Department's press release said that

  1. Kerry pressed Sharif not to allow terrorists to use Pakistan's territory against any country.
  2. Kerry asked Sharif to take action against all terrorists who are using the Pakistani soil. He also said that the Pak government must stop terrorists from making safe havens in the country.
  3. Kerry has also urged Pakistan not to expand its nuclear arsenal “by saying that Pakistan should prevent its atomic programme.

Interestingly, Sharif's media team did not mention it in the press release.

According to the State Department’s press, Kerry only praised Pakistan for hosting the Afghan refugees, the report said.

Also, soon after reaching New York the Pak PM's media team announced that Sharif would address the Pakistani community, but it failed to mention time and venue of the meeting.

Even the Pakistani community had no information about the address.

The report observed said that either the PM’s media team has committed the blunders or what it did was part of a specific plan.

There is reportedly a lot of difference between the statements issued by the two sides after the meeting and lots of lie to the public.

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