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Viral Claim: A Picture of PM Modi from Kedarnath visit claiming he was wearing shoes while standing at the doorstep of Kedarnath has gone viral on the social media.

Facts Check: False/Fake

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बाबा के मंदिर में जुत्ते पहनकर जाते हुए हिन्दू ह्रदय सम्राट ।

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Facts Check News: The image claiming Modi wearing shoes is completely false; indeed he is wearing woolen socks and not shoes.

The image was shared by more than 15k times on Social media.

Watch the below video uploaded by PM narendramodi.in, at 5 Min, 40 sec, PM Modi can be seen sitting down to take out the shoes. 

We did not find the news shared in the social media to be true he was wearing socks.

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