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Viral Claim: A tweet by Amit Malviya, raising the controversy of Yogendra Yadav bragging his Muslim identity to a largely Muslim audience in Muslim dominated Mewat.

Facts Check: Yes but the tweeted video is not complete.

Viral News in Social Media Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp/Other Examples:

I usually don’t carry TV debates to social media but making an exception to expose @_YogendraYadav’s janus face. Here is a video where he can be seen bragging his Muslim identity to a largely Muslim audience in Muslim dominated Mewat. If this isn’t cynical politics, then what is?

Click here for the archived version of the tweet.

Facts Check News: As Amit Malviya, tweeted a video of Yogendra Yadav, stating that Yadav was “bragging his Muslim identity to a largely Muslim audience in Muslim dominated Mewat”. However, we found that though the video is real, yet it is not a complete video, the video posted by Malviya has skipped certain seconds from the original video.

In a video clip shared by India today Yogendra Yadav says how his great grandfather was killed by Muslim Mob, yet his father gave them a Muslim Name.

.@_YogendraYadav shares the tragic story of his grandfather's murder, challenges @amitmalviya to produce any proof that shows him playing caste politics
Watch #NewsToday with @sardesairajdeep: https://t.co/DpV7oVVA9F pic.twitter.com/I7IIItYzxp

— India Today (@IndiaToday) April 18, 2019

Yadav replied to Amit Malviya, stating, BJP lie factory cut out my words: “na Hindu Banega na Musalman Banega”!


The video was posted on Swaraj India, 6 months back titled मेवात में रकबर खान कि हत्या के बाद वहाँ के पंचायत को संबोधित करते योगेंद्र यादव!

Yogendra Yadav has a Muslim identity too, his name has a Muslim name. Yadav family and close friends call him ‘Salim’, One of his sisters, Neelam, is also known as ‘Najma’.

Yogendra Yadav , grandfather was a school headmaster. He was killed trying to stop a Muslim mob from entering the school. Yogendra Yadav said he was named Salim by his father as a secular response to the murder of his grandfather Ram Singh in a communal riot in 1936.

Hence as Yogendra Yadav claimed about his complete identity in a large Muslim audience in Muslim dominated Mewat, hence the message which Amit Malviya, want to say is also partially true that Yadav wanted to brag his Muslim identity. 

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