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New Delhi, AAP Government - Delhi government approved “Good Samaritan Policy”. Which means that if someone has met accident, then the person helping him will be rewarded with 2000 Rs and appreciation certificate.

The citizens of capital city of India might see some relief in cases of accidental deaths happening due to negligence. It can be termed as New Year gift to Delhi people by AAP government.

Manish Sisodia (Deputy Chief Minister in AAP government in Delhi), made the announcement of the Cabinet’s decision. He elaborated that such measures are needed so that someone’s life can be saved in case of emergency. If people are benefitted, then they will be encouraged to help other during crisis situation.

He said that “To encourage people to help accident victims, the Delhi government has approved "Good Samaritan Policy”.

As per the report published in Hindustan Times on 11th August 2016, a man had lost his life after meeting an accident. This incidence occurred in Subhash Nagar in Western Delhi. A tempo had hit a 40 year old rickshaw driver. He kept bleeding for 1 and half hours, but no one came to help him, and finally he gave up his life. If someone had helped him on time then his life could have been saved.

The above incidence made Delhi government to think about some innovative ways, so that people can come ahead by themselves for help of needy.

As per report published in Government of India (Press Information Bureau, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways), 1622 people lost their lives in Delhi in 2015 due to road accidents. Delhi can be termed as Death capital of India by seeing the above figures.

We have seen many cases in Delhi, where people do not help other voluntarily. We hope that, with this policy adopted by AAP government, due to monetary benefits only, at least people should come ahead to help others and more precious lives could be saved.

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