The Social media is buzzing with a call to arrest Anuj and other with keepitupanujbajpai, coronavirus has come just a few days ahead,Quran virus have come many years back,

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India: The Social media is buzzing with a call to arrest Anuj and other with keepitupanujbajpai, it is strange but true. The calls on social media are based on the tweet which many claim that it is against a particular religion.

On 11th Feb Anuj, put a tweet on Social media stating and mixing the words he said “coronavirus has come just a few days ahead, a medical solution has been found out. Quran virus has come many years back, still, its medical solution has not yet come out. I think Quran medicine is only with Yogi Baba”.

कोरोना वायरस कुछ दिनों पहले आया था ओर उसका तुरंत इलाज ढूंढ लिया गया .....

लेकिन #कुरान वायरस बहुत सालों पहले आया था ओर उसका इलाज अभी तक सम्भव नहीं हुआ है।

मुझे लगता है #कुरान वायरस की दवा केवल योगी बाबा के पास है।

The above tweet has caused a huge conflict on Social Media, while many are standing with Anuj comment and many are against him and want him to be arrested for comparing the Quran to corona.

Many have their own narrative as to why he should be arrested as they feel people from other communities are doing the same for a long time.

Not getting much of the Muslim votes in the Delhi election was one of the reasons why the BJP failed to come back to power in the capital city.  Due to the fake narrative over the CAA and nowhere NRC, the entire Muslim voters moved towards the Aam Aadmi Party. The BJP has done a lot of work for all the people in the society.

The BJP brought the law on triple talaq, welfare schemes in housing, free gas cylinders, and education scholarships, etc are now facing the ghost of Citizenship Amendment Bill. It has been projected as the bill is going to take away the rights of the very same people who have been in India over the decades. Many termed it as BJP’s agenda to marginalize Muslims and violates India's secular principles. For others, they think why it only refers to non-Muslim migrants from neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan when minorities from other neighboring countries were also being persecuted.

Modi has now been looked differently by different sections of the Society.

Indian is the most secular nation in the world, its religious freedom is a fundamental right guaranteed under the Constitution. Religious freedom is a fundamental right guaranteed under Articles 25 to 28 of the Constitution. 

The US state department, in its annual 2018 International Religious Freedom Report, had alleged that "mob attacks by violent extremist Hindu groups against minority communities, particularly Muslims, continued in India in 2018 amid rumors that victims had traded or killed cows for beef". Indian Muslims constitute the third-largest Muslim population in the world, some incidents against any religion may happen here and there is a country of 135 crore people. However such things are local to Indians only and the county judiciary and police should always be taking strict action against. 

Similarly in the protest against the CAA and nowhere NRC, the capital city votes were totally polarized. 

Legislative Assembly elections were held in Delhi on 8 February 2020 to elect 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. Voter’s turnout was recorded at 62.59% which saw a decline of 4.88% from previous assembly election in Delhi but it is 2% more than the 2019 Indian general election in Delhi.

As per opindia, 69% Muslims voted for AAP and 15% voted for Congress, only a 9% voted for BJP. It is thus safe to say that 91% of Muslims consolidated and voted against the BJP. 91% of whom voted against BJP said that they consolidated behind Aam Admi Party (which got 69% Muslim votes) because they thought that AAP was better poised to defeat BJP than the Congress. Indeed it is a dangerous perspective happening in India, as the majority of Non-Muslims often stick to their mobile and TV during the election and keep away from voting.

The BJP lost the Delhi elections.

As per a Twitter post Complaint filed against @Real_Anuj Over His Remark against Quraan !!


India is a place for all the religion and abusing certain religion or textbook can never be correct.

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