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Brief Outline: A image is viral on the social media this days where a school girl visits an elderly age home, where she meets her grand mother.  the girl hugging her grandmother and crying went viral on the internet.

Facts Check: True

What is Viral? 

A school organised a tour to an old age home and this girl found her grandmother there. When she used to ask her parents about the whereabouts of grandma, she was told that she has gone to meet her relatives. This is the society we are creating...

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Facts Check Analysis: An image viral on the social media where a school girl visits a age home and an elderly women is consoling her. As per the 14 year girl, the parents had lied that her grandmother had gone to a relative house. The image shared by Harbhajan Singh and Delhi Arvind Kejriwal.

The tweet was re-tweeted by Harbhajan Singh, further commenting Shame on such people.

As per the picture the girl used to ask her parents about her grandmother, but the parents used to answer that she has went to her relative and will stay there.

The image is old and taken from 2007.

The girl named Bhakti reveals the real story to Indiatv. She said that there are several old age homes spread wide across India and, there are many people who come to old age homes on their own will. Most importantly, she said that her grandmother Damyanti went to the old age home on her own will.

On September 12, 2007, photojournalist Kalpesh S Bharech got a call from the principal of GNC School in Maninagar, Gujarat. He requested Bharech to cover a school trip to the Manilal Gandhi old age home in Ghodasar.

Bharech agreed and reached the old age home, not knowing that this would be an assignment that'd impact his life greatly.

During the field trip, Bharech asked the school children to sit with the elderly so that he could take some good photographs.

As the children got up, one of them -- a young girl -- screamed and ran to an old lady across the room. The woman cried too, and soon, they were sobbing in each other's embrace.

"We all became speechless. After taking pictures, when I asked her, Baa [the old lady] said the girl was her granddaughter," Bharech shared in an article on BBC Gujarati.

Bharech shared that -- as the story making rounds on social media went -- the girl had said then that her father had told her that her grandmother had gone out, when "reality was that she had gone to an old age home,".

"Seeing the heart-wrenching scene of Baa and her granddaughter, everyone was moved tears like me," Bharech wrote. "In order to cheer everyone up, students started singing beautiful songs to the elders."

A photo story of the rendezvous was published on the first page of Gujarati daily Divya Bhaskar the next day.

"It became a topic of debate in almost all of Gujarat. This picture shook the people," wrote Bharech.

Bharech also revealed that in her interviews to local TV channels later, the grandmother said she had gone to live in the old age home on her own will.

As to why the truth was kept from the young girl, or what happened to the old lady later is not known.


On the occasion of World Photography Day, ahead of August 19, BBC Gujarati had asked journalists from across the state to share the best photo stories of their career.

When Kalpesh S Bharech shared this story with all his pictures, social media quickly picked it up and, hence, the story went viral.

Bharech currently works with Divya Bhaskar and is based in Ahmedabad.

Watch the complete interview here:

Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/fyi/story/full-story-behind-the-viral-grandmother-granddaughter-photo-1320650-2018-08-22

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