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Brief Outline: A post on the social media claims that the CPM/ SDPI poised as police uniform and attacked the Assaulting Sabarimala Protestors.

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

Can any police perടonnel have this type of hairstyle. You may ask why I'm asking this question. Guy in this picture was in uniform during brutal lathi charge against #Sabarimala devotees. Which camp this goon belongs to, CPM or SDPI?

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Facts Check Analysis: The news went viral on the social media claiming the men in police uniform to be CPM worker. Many claimed him to be as Vallabh Das and wrote on the social media as,

“Active CPM party member from Trivandrum. He is not even recruited in the Kerala Police. But this goon was in the Police Uniform trying to attack Innocent Ayyappa devotees at Shabarimalai during the past five days... Laath Salaam.. !!!”

The kerala police came out in support of the Police officer and tweeted “Realize the reality of fake posters against police

Attempts are made to defame police officers who carry out legal responsibility through community media.
The Kerala Police has also played a role in maintaining the great secular credentials of Kerala. No one can forget the presence of police in various centers of religious customs and festivals in religious centers and places of worship. The activities of the police for the dedication and dedication of the sacrifices are decades of tradition. Attempts to humiliate this great legacy of the Kerala Police must be identified. The public society should be prepared to dismiss the repairs done for it.

Strong interventions by the Kerala Police are crucial in keeping the peace of mind in Kerala. Therefore, it is noteworthy that for several years no communal riots have been reported in Kerala. Everybody is committed to making our country more fraternal and cohesive.”

The  man in the photo was a member of the Kerala Armed Police (KAP) and not a political worker. 

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